Niantic has opened up the registration pages for the August 25th, the second set of Cassandra Prime anomalies. Here are the links:

25-Aug-2018 Philadelphia, PA More Info
25-Aug-2018 Singapore More Info
25-Aug-2018 Linz, Austria More Info
25-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC More Info
25-Aug-2018 Incheon, South Korea More Info
25-Aug-2018 Riga, Latvia More Info

It is important that you register with your faction group as well. Information on how to do that should be supplied to you after registration. Either on the success page or/and in the following email. This is where you will coordinate with your faction to get your teams and assignments, as well as get information on your faction hotel if you are looking for lodging.

What are XM Anomalies?

Ingress XM Anomaly Events – FREE events you can join to play Ingress and meet other players. These events are for Ingress players of ALL levels and last approximately 4-5 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and in some cities a social meetup at the end. Faction specific groups sometimes plan pre-event get-togethers and after-parties. Click here to check out the current Anomaly Rules or FAQ.

What is Cassandra Prime?

Cassandra Prime is the 1st set of anomalies for the Osiris Sequence. It will happen on two dates. July 28th, and August 25, 2018.

From PAC:

‘The Osiris Sequence’ — a bridge into a new universe made possible by Ingress Prime, and how our own universe may have discovered the mysteries of XM in the first place.

Agents in the ‘Osiris Universe’ will be able to relive and change important Anomalies of the past and their outcomes, and define the ultimate future of that universe.


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