New Ingress Event From Dec 20, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019 – Good ol’ Destroy / Deploy

Ingress Event - Global Challenge - Deploy Destroy

Agents, From December 20th, 1800 UTC to December 30th, 1800 UTC, we need your help in defeating Umbra. A global challenge has been issued to all agents to deploy 30,000,000 unique resonator slots before the Global Challenge window ends on December 30th. For the duration of this special event, the following modifiers to resonator deployment […]

52: Get Toasted! Ingress News, Toast, Darsana Prime, with Special Guest Agent Toast

Today on the Agent Academy: Andrew Krug – Next anomaly series will be announced on April 5th! Also, September is the goal to retire redacted. Ingress April Fools – Toast Notifications Event Destroy & Deploy – 2x AP for destroying&deploying resonators Possibly destroy fields Frackers will output 4x for 5 mins Toast Glyphs Beacons are […]