52: Get Toasted! Ingress News, Toast, Darsana Prime, with Special Guest Agent Toast



Today on the Agent Academy:

  • Andrew Krug – Next anomaly series will be announced on April 5th! Also, September is the goal to retire redacted.
  • Ingress April Fools – Toast Notifications Event
    • Destroy & Deploy – 2x AP for destroying&deploying resonators
    • Possibly destroy fields
    • Frackers will output 4x for 5 mins
    • Toast Glyphs
    • Beacons are Toast icons
  • Don’t forget about #FS coming up this weekend.  I’ll be at the FS event in Murfreesboro, TN. Hope to see you there!
  • Ingress had an update, 2.20 which includes:
    • Regional Scoring – Yay!
    • Various other UI, UX changes and bug fixes
    • Give it a try!
  • Ingress the Animation – April 30th on netflix! – https://www.netflix.com/title/80992853
  • Earth Day Campaign
    • https://nianticlabs.com/blog/earthday2019/
    • Either sign up at https://niantic.playmob.com/ for a local event
    • Or you can start one yourself, just tag @nianticlabs using #AugmentingReality on social media and tell them about your efforts
    • If a certain # of agents from ingress and trainers from pokemon go participate, we will be rewarded.
    • In ingress, if 2,000 people attend the rewards are
    • Increased Probability of heatsinks, multihacks, shields and powercubes
    • 5,000 people, add to that 2x AP Linking
    • 7,000 people, add 2x AP for fielding as well.
  • Darsana in Atlanta
    • ENL Win the Lens!


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