Field Test, over, how did it go?

My first Field Test event! Reminded me of why I do love Ingress. It’s the community. I almost sat this one out. With my busy schedule, and the other shenanigans going around. I wasn’t sure I really wanted another badge right now. But after seeing all my friends and folks I haven’t met, talking excitedly […]

Hexathlon Field Test Events!

Info was released on 9-11-19 about the events for the upcoming Hexathlon Field Tests.  To be successful you need to complete these tasks: 30 minutes to hack the start portal check in 60 minutes to Collect at least 6 artifacts Make at least 36 portal hacks Deploy at least 30 resonators Deploy at least 12 […]

NIA Field Test: Hexathlon – Registration now live

Field Test: Hexathlon

If you are planning on attending the new Event, Field Test: Hexathlon, then you need to open up your prime scanner and register! The date of the event is 9-14-19.  We talk about some of the information we know in the latest podcast #65, and the details that Niantic has posted is below. Agent GoonieGuy […]

62: Myriad Recap w/ Special Guest Host, Resistance Agent DeweyJ

Agent Academy Podcst #62

Today on the show:  Myriad Global Hack Challenge Status Report: Success – double 8’s/7’s, Quad 5’s/6’s,  4min hack time till August 7th at 5pm UTC: Rewards Extended 2.5 hours due to a delay in enabling the rewards  Field Trip being retired – Andrew Krug mentioned in his TG channel that the word he […]