73: Perptua, Spirituatlist 7 and Wayfare Update

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Today on the show: Wayfare Changes – Reporting Abuse http://bit.ly/OPRAbuse This form is only available to active Wayfinders. Please use your Wayfarer Login email to submit the report. In ADDITION to giving it a one in OPR (Wayfare) Offensive or abusive title/description edits. Invalid location edits. Issues with photos. Fake nominations. 13 Archetypes: Spiritualist 7, […]

Hexathlon Update, Perpetua

Ingress News Update - Hexathlon, Perpetua

Update on Hexathlon from https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/8367/perpetua-hexathlon-event-detail-updates Agents, We are aware that this announcement was released on another social channel earlier today. Below you’ll find the most up to date and accurate information. We apologize for the confusion. We’d like to share confirmed details regarding the upcoming Perpetua Hexathlon on Saturday, February 29th. You will have 30 […]

Hexathlon Field Test Events!

Info was released on 9-11-19 about the events for the upcoming Hexathlon Field Tests.  To be successful you need to complete these tasks: 30 minutes to hack the start portal check in 60 minutes to Collect at least 6 artifacts Make at least 36 portal hacks Deploy at least 30 resonators Deploy at least 12 […]

NIA Field Test: Hexathlon – Registration now live

Field Test: Hexathlon

If you are planning on attending the new Event, Field Test: Hexathlon, then you need to open up your prime scanner and register! The date of the event is 9-14-19.  We talk about some of the information we know in the latest podcast #65, and the details that Niantic has posted is below. Agent GoonieGuy […]