NL1331x August 2019 Dates

Andrew Krug posted upcoming dates for NL1331X in the US: If you didn’t see the latest update on NL1331x. It is going to be traveling the United States in August. Aug 12 – Chico, CA Aug 14 – Las Vegas, NV Aug 17 – Houston, TX + Mission Day Aug 18 […]

58: Android Q, Minecraft Earth, Ingress Lore and Abaddon

Today on the show: Using Android Q? Better use Prime for now [LINK] Updated Ingress Prime [LINK] Minecraft Earth [LINK] Enoch and Carrie Campbell dead? [LINK] Memo from nemesis suggests they are not dead, but trapped in shards [LINK] Dunraven #25 released – Calvin’s Welcome [LINK] YouTube Memberships  [LINK] Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify […]

57: Portal Nominations, Working with the Res & Toast Beacons in Canada

Today on the show: Portal Nominations in Ingress Prime now global: Resistance win in Amsterdam: Agent NinthAnt 1-8 on Toast Beacons, was meant to be a local event, but spread global: NL1331 Upcoming Dates – New AP requirements for #FS – only 5k AP – New ToS when you sign […]

On The Road Again, NL1331 Upcoming Dates


NL-1331 Upcoming Dates 05/11/19 – Fresno, CA, USA 05/12/19 – Sacramento, CA, USA 05/18/19 – Springfield, IL, USA 05/19/19 – Ft. Wayne, IN, USA 05/23/19 – Ann Arbor, MI, USA NL-1331 Event Details Agents, you are officially invited to join us at this unique NL-1331X tour launch event in the Americas. Official Niantic Ingress gear […]

32: Cassandra Prime, Take Two

Two weeks of Ingress discussion packed into an hour episode! Agents ZeliBeli, s0h0 & GoonieGuy talk about new ideas for the scanner, the upcoming anomaly, Nashville’s Mission Day+ NL1331 event as well as all of your comments, calls and ideas you have submitted over the past 2 weeks. Listen on iTunes SITREP Mission Day +NL1331 […]

NL – 1331 X Coming to Cassandra Prime

New Events page for the NL-1331X that will be making an appearance in San Diego on 07-28-18 during the Cassandra Prime anomaly. There are supporter kits available but you can go for free if you do not want any of the load out cards or pins. You can register on the Events page: There is […]

NL-1331e Swag Pack & Addons

I love this crap. Biocards, pins, stickers. I think it’s the marketer in me, or maybe just the hoarder. I can’t wait for NL-1331 to start making it’s way around the US again so I can partake and meet some more agents. If you are in Europe, keep an eye out for the NL-1331 schedule […]

November Lima Summer Tour Announcements

Niantic has released information on the NL-1331 / November Lima Summer tour, with dates, readiness kit information and how to gain the Ingress badge in the scanner. Tour Dates: source: NL1331 G+ We are happy to announce the the official tour dates For #NL1331EU this summer! Stay tuned for event pages and more announcements soon. […]