Cassandra Prime Logo Released

Pretty happy, Red & Black is my favorite color combo, so seeing this drop today from @IUENG was nice Friday Surprise!   Below is the Tweet from @Ingress Agents, We have intercepted the following official image from the NIA representing the upcoming Cassandra Prime event. — Ingress (@ingress) June 1, 2018 [the_ad id=”1200″]

Prime Scanner Images

Agent Chiplander, the Swag Sherpa, posted an image on his G+ page with a screencap of the Prime Scanner. We expect there to be a lot of these images and videos coming our way this weekend, so we’re going to be adding a gallery of PRIME SCANNER media shortly! Until then, here’s the pic that […]

Osiris Sequence Posted, Bucharest NOT cut from lineup!

Niantic released the list of which anomalies are going to be grouped together in an easy to digest chart.  They did forget to put Bucharest on it, but edited their post with confirmation that it was a mistake, and not intentional.  Because Bucharest WILL cut you.  So good catch there.  Stitches are no fun. Cassandra […]