Scanner [REDACTED] Unpublished, Available in Google Play store

We told you recently about a new app that will replace the original Ingress app for agents that have upgraded to the Prime scanner.  It’s called, “Scanner [REDACTED]” and it is now available in the Google Play store: This app will only be available for current Ingress Agents and will be removed once feature parity […]

Scanner [REDACTED], Niantic retains Ingress 1.0 after Prime Release

In an email, Niantic announced a new App called, “Scanner [REDACTED]” which will be the current Ingress 1.0 that those not in Beta are running. This is an interesting announcement which tells us a few things. First, we will still be able to retain functionality that we thought we would lose for a few weeks, […]

Prime Scanner Images

Agent Chiplander, the Swag Sherpa, posted an image on his G+ page with a screencap of the Prime Scanner. We expect there to be a lot of these images and videos coming our way this weekend, so we’re going to be adding a gallery of PRIME SCANNER media shortly! Until then, here’s the pic that […]