In an email, Niantic announced a new App called, “Scanner [REDACTED]” which will be the current Ingress 1.0 that those not in Beta are running.

This is an interesting announcement which tells us a few things. First, we will still be able to retain functionality that we thought we would lose for a few weeks, such as Portal submissions. Secondly, it confirms that the current app will indeed update and all current agents will be updated to the Prime version.

To get the old version “Scanner [REDACTED]”, you will have to already be an Ingress player. No new accounts will be able to be made on it. This is another oddity since currently, we use google to log in, so either they will have to flag accounts as new or old, or you could make accounts in the new version and log in. Or, could this possibly point to a completely new login process such as Facebook or their own system?

Lastly, this IS a temporary app that you will have to download. The email suggests that time frame may be until parity is reached between the version in 2019.

Very interesting times, and it’s exciting to be an Ingress player at the moment. Let us know what you think about this announcement which we will be talking about on the next show.

Below is the full email in its entirety.

//Agent GoonieGuy


Agent GoonieGuy,

The Ingress team sincerely appreciates your enthusiasm and patience as we continue to work hard towards the next-generation Ingress experience.

We’ve heard your feedback, and in order to help aid the transition from Ingress 1.0 once Ingress Prime launches, we will retain Ingress 1.0 as a separate app download that will be available within a week. This app will be titled as Scanner [REDACTED].

This app is temporary, and will only be for existing Agents. New account creation will not be possible in Scanner [REDACTED].

We expect feature parity between both apps in 2019, and will also be developing additional improvements as we go forward. Thank you for your continued support!


– The Ingress Team


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