New Avatars Announced!

New Avatars Announced

Let’s toast the new avatars coming in the 2.39 update to Ingress Prime! You will have the option to purchase a new avatar. The first 3 that will be made available are the original green and blue avatars as well as the toast avatar that was used in the April Fool’s event.   We are […]

Agent NinthAnt Leveling 1-8 on Toast Beacons

What a way to celebrate 100M AP! Agent NinthAnt is going to light up Vancouver with Toast Beacons! Gaining AP at 500 AP for each beacon deployed, it may take a bit to level to 8, but it should be an amazing sight to see. You may be thinking, WOW, that’s a lot of money […]

54: Earth Day Extravaganza

Agent Academy Podcast #54

Today on the show: Earth Day: Anomaly Rules Released: Toast Beacons now in Ingress Prime through the end of May Facebook has been added to the authentication methods for Intel Harry Potter: Wizards Unite available in New Zealand.  You can d/l it if you vpn over to New Zealand, but nothing is spawned in […]

April’s Ingress #GlyphChallenge will be.. You guessed it. TOAST

The new glyph that appeared during 2019’s April Foll’s day, Toast will be reappearing as the #GlyphChallenge for April. From April 12 – 14, create this glyph and submit a photo of your creation to the various Ingress social media channels with #GlyphChallenge – Winners of the challenge will receive passcodes for their efforts.   […]

52: Get Toasted! Ingress News, Toast, Darsana Prime, with Special Guest Agent Toast

Today on the Agent Academy: Andrew Krug – Next anomaly series will be announced on April 5th! Also, September is the goal to retire redacted. Ingress April Fools – Toast Notifications Event Destroy & Deploy – 2x AP for destroying&deploying resonators Possibly destroy fields Frackers will output 4x for 5 mins Toast Glyphs Beacons are […]