Ingress Event Could Affect the Entirety of Darsana Prime

Announced on Niantic Labs’s, Ingress Instagram account this week: Are you prepared to go beyond the point of no return? Now is your chance to impact the world of Ingress. The faction with the most unique hacks between Feb 8th 18:00 UTC and Feb 15th 18:00 UTC will have the opportunity to influence gameplay through […]

Explorer Medal + Anomaly Season + GO City discount = WIN

Get Those Uniques WIth the Go Card

Explorer & Pioneer Medals **This post contains affiliate links and the Agent Academy will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on affiliate links. The Explorer medal is achieved by visiting and hacking distinct portals. It has 5 tiers.  Bronze (100), Silver (1000), Gold (2000), Platinum (10,000) and Onyx (30,000). So, you can […]