Announced on Niantic Labs’s, Ingress Instagram account this week:

Are you prepared to go beyond the point of no return? Now is your chance to impact the world of Ingress. The faction with the most unique hacks between Feb 8th 18:00 UTC and Feb 15th 18:00 UTC will have the opportunity to influence gameplay through the entirety of #DarsanaPrime #AR #Gaming #Ingress

There are still some questions about what the final outcome means. Does it mean that the winning faction will get intel that they can use? Will it open up a second challenge during the Anomaly?

Another question we are curious about is what is considered a unique hack during the event? Is it at the start of the event, hacking a portal even if you’ve hacked it before the event. Or is it only new uniques that you have never hacked before?

Precedence points to all portals counting, even ones you have hacked before the event, but we are seeking answers to get this clarified and will update the post if we get an answer. That is how the via Lux Adventurer medal worked.

It would also be nice to know what the actual reward is. Is it worth participating? How much time should you invest in the event? And without knowing what it is, there will undoubtedly be agents saying that the reward will change depending on who wins the event, so Niantic Labs can help push the outcome they are most interested in.

Also, will there be a badge? We like badges! Possibly a Via Lux Adventurer Prime?

Let the Agent Academy know what you think about this event and any ideas you have for future events! We will talk about your comments on the next show!f

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