38: Ingress Prime is Here! Recursion, Pay2Win Claims and Charlie Puth

Today on the show :   Ingress Prime Charlie Puth Much Much More Listen on iTunes SITREP Niantic Listens to Agents on Pay2Win Items: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/niantic-listens-to-vocal-agents-and-is-removing-certain-items-from-store/ Beacons Pack in Store: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/limited-time-item-in-the-ingress-store-all-the-beacons/ Scanner [REDACTED], Unpublished now Available on Google Play: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/scanner-redacted-unpublished-available-in-google-play-store/ Andrew Krug’s monthly AMA started Tuesday: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/its-that-time-of-the-month-ask-krug-anything-november-2018/ Ingress Prime Released: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/ingress-prime-released-restart-at-level-1-new-items-in-the-store/ Simulacrum – Recursion Item Bundles […]

Ingress Prime, Released – Restart at Level 1 & New Items in the Store

It’s out!  Available in the store for download or update. You WILL lose access to version 1, until “Scanner [REDACTED]” is released, which should be any day now. With the release we have some new features: RECURSION – Reset your AP to 0, which resets your level to 1. Once you start the recursion, it […]

37: Ingress Prime Beta is Here!

Today on the show :   Agent Zelibeli will not be with us tonight, but we have much to talk about…. Some people are watching “Ingress: The Animation” early Prime Beta Invites are rolling out Several agents received an email from PA Chapeau that led them to the Dunraven Foundation. Is this the beginning stages […]

It’s all tied up

After the first week of #RecursionPrime anomalies, the score is tied between factions. 6 – 6.  The winner will be decided in mid November, so be sure to get out and help your faction. Agent GoonieGuy will be at the Austin, TX anomaly site, so if you’re there, ping him and go say hi! Get […]

1.5x AP During Global MU Challenge, 3x at the Anomaly

Love bonus AP! And this weekend for roughly 19 hours, you will be able to earn 1.5xAP if you are not attending an anomaly. From 04:00-23:02 UTC you will earn these rewards. Not only that, but you can also help your faction earn up to 3 points for this anomaly series. Niantic Labs will be […]

Recursion Prime Day 1 Registration Now Live

Adventurer and explorer Hank Johnson needs you. In order to avoid losing his memories, he needs to collect the Recursion Artifacts. One of these artifacts will appear and be claimed by the winner of this anomaly. Will it be you? Bangkok, Thailand (http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/recursionprime/bangkok) Brno, Czech (http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/recursionprime/brno) Canberra, Australia (http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/recursionprime/canberra) Frankfurt, Germany (http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/recursionprime/frankfurt) Mexico City, Mexico (http://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/recursionprime/mexicocity) […]

Osiris Sequence Posted, Bucharest NOT cut from lineup!

Niantic released the list of which anomalies are going to be grouped together in an easy to digest chart.  They did forget to put Bucharest on it, but edited their post with confirmation that it was a mistake, and not intentional.  Because Bucharest WILL cut you.  So good catch there.  Stitches are no fun. Cassandra […]