37: Ingress Prime Beta is Here!



Today on the show :  

  • Agent Zelibeli will not be with us tonight, but we have much to talk about….
  • Some people are watching “Ingress: The Animation” early
  • Prime Beta Invites are rolling out
  • Several agents received an email from PA Chapeau that led them to the Dunraven Foundation. Is this the beginning stages of the Ingress Prime storyline?
  • And much more coming at you tonight on Agent Academy

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  • BETA INVITES For Anomaly Participates going out (have gone out).  Because of the TOS changes, you are still under an NDA
  • Recursion Prime Round 1 – Ends in a Tie
  • Ingress: The Animation – not on american netflix yet, but you can vpn to japan and watch there (in japanese)
  • ARG kinda like TS-MORPHEUS – https://www.dunravenfoundation.net/

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