UPDATE! Kureze Effect Phase Two Ornaments?

On Feb. 5th at about noon local time ornaments started popping up on the the intel map. It MAY be the NIA is giving a peek at the portals that will have NIA deployed battle beacons on February 19 as part of the Kureze Effect event.  Agents scrambled to get info on all the locations […]

Tokoyo Won Phase 1 For The Enl.

Thanks to Fev Games (https://fevgames.net/) for the statistical breakdown of the scores of The Kureze Effect Phase One we have graphs of the NIA city scores.  A quick glance and one can see Tokyo was key to the Enlightened win.  The margin of victory overall was 93,029 points.  In Tokyo the Enlightened scored 153,270 points […]

Enlightened Win Phase One of the Kureze Effect

The Enlightened won the NIA city deployed rare battle beacon events 841,910 to 737,310.  As predicted the Resistance won the phase one Kureze Effect agent deployed battle beacons 317,323 to 305,752.  So in the overall phase one score the Enlightened took the win 1,147,662 to 1,054,663 (by 93,029 or 8%).  The Resistance scored well in […]

Enlightened Win NIA Cities Score for Phase 1 of Kureze Effect Event

It looks like the enlightened have won the NIA Cities portion of the Kureze Effect event for phase one.  Although the final report is not available at this time the posted NIA cities battle results has the enlightened with 831,120 points to the resistance 737,310 points.  That suggests that the enlightened will win the cities […]

Congratulations to Agent Academy Elite Hexathletes


Congrats to Agent Academy listeners Grider80 and MonkeyPelt for achieving elite status in their respective Perpetua Hexathlons on Feb. 29th, 2020.  Grider80 focused on destroying resonators at the San Antonio Hexathlon. She destroyed 1,588 resonators, which was well above the required 6.  She finished 3rd in that category.  MonkeyPelt was double elite in Salt Lake […]

Prime Tips Episode to Help With Didact Challenge

An TRUE AP generator is designed to do two things – create LOTS of fields and in turn generate a lot of AP.  The Didact Field Challenge is to create 100, 300 or 800 fields in 10 days.  The AP generator is just the thing.  We will cover all the things you need and how […]

Tessera Live Drops On The Way!

H. Richard Loeb (P.A Chapeau) has posted a few hints about upcoming tessera drops. On 2-11 he posted: “Truthseekers: Finally, I’m able to announce the next drop for Round 7. As hinted during Stuart Lightner’s appearance in Utah, USA, the broad location points to Taiwan ( IlhaLDFormosa ). We’ve seen a prelude of this clue […]


Ingress adds 4 new avatars

Posted on social media and emailed out to agents was the following message. We are excited to announce another new series of avatars for player customization are now available! These new avatars consist of four unique color/shape variations: Skeptic, Alchemist, Spiritualist, and Dreamer. Skeptic can even visually change when near Portals! Visit your agent profile […]

Requiem Anomaly in Munich, Events Page Updated

The Events page for the Requiem Anomaly has been updated with the Medal, as well as more details. The power of Ingress agents is strong. But until we understand our enemy, we will always be on the run. It is time to uncover the origins of Nemesis and decipher their plans. Will you be able […]

From the Ingress Community – Coming Soon: #Didact Field Challenge

#Didact Field Challenge. Start: 02.14.20 19:00 UTC. End: 02.24.20 19:00 UTC. More details incoming.

Starting on Valentine’s day, a new challenge is coming. More details soon (or atleast that’s what the post states). With the name, it’s implied that there will be fielding involved. And as Niantic has been doing better of late, we can assume there will be some sort of component to encourage the take down of […]