Portal Decay Update

After Agent PopeJPMcD asked about the recent portal decaying issues, there was a post from Niantic’s Global Community Manager, Andrew Krug about the portal decay issue:

I don’t like passing the buck or providing an update that isn’t meaningful. So at the risk of those two things, we know the what. We don’t conclusively know the why. The likely cause has been escalated to the relevant parties though. Hopefully it can be resolved in coming days or shortly after.

Thanks for the Update!

Here is the original post from Niantic confirming the issues:

Agents, we’ve confirmed reports of unintended and erratic Portal and Fracker behavior taking a few forms:

1. Portals not decaying at all.
2. Portals decaying faster than usual, potentially multiple times in a day.
3. Frackers not disappearing after they’ve expired.

We are actively working on resolving these issues and will report back once we have more information. Thanks for your patience.

source: https://plus.google.com/+NIAOps/posts/TRSVNRix9qh

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