#Didact Field Challenge. Start: 02.14.20 19:00 UTC. End: 02.24.20 19:00 UTC. More details incoming. Ingress News

From the Ingress Community – Coming Soon: #Didact Field Challenge

Starting on Valentine’s day, a new challenge is coming. More details soon (or atleast that’s what the post states). With the name, it’s implied that …

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Ingress News

Tesserae Round 6 Results

After round 6 Res leads with 63 followed by Enl with 58 and thankfully Nemesis lags behind with 50.  Both faction’ scores have surpassed Nemesis. …

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Ingress Release Notes Ingress News

NianticBrian Posted The Release Notes For Ingress Prime v. 2.39.3

Here are the patch notes: We are starting the rollout of Ingress 2.39.3, which includes the following changes and updates: Feature: Added four core-shell avatars: …

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The vintage Akira Tsukasa medal (originally released in 2016) will be available on the in-app Store for one week from Fri, Jan 31 19:00 UTC to Fri, Feb 7 19:00 UTC. Ingress News

Niantic adds Vintage Akira Tsukasa medal for 1 week only

This ends soon! So if you want to buy the vintage medal, you need to do it before Feb. 7th. Here’s the announcement from the …

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Ruck the Box - Ingress and GORUCK Ingress News

Ruck The Box, brought to you by GORUCK to be at Hexathlons

Niantic Labs posted on their Ingress Telegram chat channel this message that might make some ruckers happy. We’ll get the fool scoop from Agent VAIN …

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Fev Games Auto Score Sheet Ingress News

Fev Games Moves FS Events Towards Mini Anomalies

On January 27th Fev Games released a new version of their score sheet for First Saturday events with a number of new features. A form …

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