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Ingress News

It’s that time of the month! Ask Krug Anything. November 2018

I have a prediction. There will be some questions about the bundles in the Ingress store. Anyways, head on over and ask your own question. More

Limited Time Item in the Ingress Store – All the Beacons

You can get all the beacons in a beacons bundle in the Ingress store for a limited time.  Cost is 9600 CMU which is roughly $6.50 USD.

Ingress Prime, Released – Restart at Level 1 & New Items in the Store

It’s out!  Available in the store for download or update. You WILL lose access to version 1, until “Scanner [REDACTED]” is released, which sho...Read More

Ingress Animation Release Date Points to Prime Release

Originally the Ingress Anime was supposed to be released at the same time as Ingress 2.0, the Prime Scanner. Almost sounds like a movie. And then, things got re...Read More

Scanner [REDACTED], Niantic retains Ingress 1.0 after Prime Release

In an email, Niantic announced a new App called, “Scanner [REDACTED]” which will be the current Ingress 1.0 that those not in Beta are running. This...Read More

The Dunraven Foundation, What We Know So Far

Dunraven Foundation, What We Know So Far Have you been following along with the ARG that is being run?  The Dunraven Foundation? Here is the information we know...Read More

Ingress Intel is at a New Address

After the NIA takedown and seizure notice on the website, the intel and events has been moved to a new address: Events: https://intel...Read More

What’s new with the Ingress Scanner?

A new video released with information on Ingress Prime scanner.  Dr. Oliver-Lynton Wolfe goes over new features in the scanner. Visual Interface Updated 1 Finge...Read More

Anomaly Sign Up Links for Recursion

Appears that is either having some storyline issues, or actual outages and agents may be having a hard time to sign up for some of the events.   Her...Read More

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