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Ingress Anomaly Series Announced!

We mentioned that this was coming soon on episode 52 of the Agent Academy Podcast, but today, it’s official.  Niantic has announced 2 sets of anomalies, w...Read More

Portal Submissions (Nominations) are rolling out to Ingress Prime Users

Announced on their Facebook page, Niantic has now added Portal Nominations aka Portal Submissions to Ingress Prime. They will be starting with a few countries a...Read More

April’s Ingress #GlyphChallenge will be.. You guessed it. TOAST

The new glyph that appeared during 2019’s April Foll’s day, Toast will be reappearing as the #GlyphChallenge for April. From April 12 – 14, cr...Read More

Ingress: The Animation – Coming to Blu-Ray, only $400

Out today! I’m not sure if this version has english overdubs or not. On one of the anime sites, it’s listed as the english version, so it’s a ...Read More

Portal Decay Update

After Agent PopeJPMcD asked about the recent portal decaying issues, there was a post from Niantic’s Global Community Manager, Andrew Krug about the porta...Read More

Update v.2.19 Release Notes (Spoiler Alert – REGIONAL SCORING!)

Here are the latest release notes for v 2.19 ================ Ingress Prime Release Notes v. 2.19 ================ WHAT’S NEW IN 2.19.1? New Feature: Regional S...Read More

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Pre-registration available for Android users

You can pre-register here: Harry Potter Wizards Unite has posted a First Look at the new game: More

RedSoloCup’s League of Ingress Agents

The Global Community Manager for Niantic has created a Telegram channel for ingress agents, “RedSoloCup’s League of Ingress Agents” or RLIA. T...Read More

Ingress Prime 2.18 to Bring Capsule Renaming, For Real!

Niantic announced in a new Ingress Prime Insights post that they have indeed figured out a way to add the capsule renaming feature before the server upgrade. It...Read More

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