Stuart Lightner Interview Ingress News

InvestigateXM catches up with Stuart Lightner

Some agents caught Stuart Lightner at the Sundance festival in Park City Utah on 1-23-20.  Stuart discussed Nemesis Exogenous and other developments in the Ingress …

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Ingress News Update - Hexathlon, Perpetua Ingress News

Hexathlon Update, Perpetua

Update on Hexathlon from Agents, We are aware that this announcement was released on another social channel earlier today. Below you’ll find the most …

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Ingress Mission Day Guidelines Ingress News

Ingress Mission Day 2020 Guidelines

Mission Day Guidelines for 2020 have been published! Go out and make some Mission Days! Ingress players who want to have a special game …

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Effingham FS 1-4-20 Academy News

Agent Academy Crashes Effingham IL FS

This is just proof that GoonieGuy is plum crazy!  Goonie decided to drive the six hours to attend a First Saturday in Effingham IL on …

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Ingress Event - Global Challenge - Deploy Destroy Ingress News

New Ingress Event From Dec 20, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019 – Good ol’ Destroy / Deploy

Agents, From December 20th, 1800 UTC to December 30th, 1800 UTC, we need your help in defeating Umbra. A global challenge has been issued to …

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Ingress News

The History of Ingress

Tampa Ingress Agent Conner Tumbleson posted a history of Ingress way back in 2016 that has some interesting info on the early days of Ingress.  …

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