Hank Johnson in-app Medal Ingress News

Hank Johnson Available in the Store

Niantic Labs announced on their twitter that you can now purchase the “Archives: Hank Johnson Bundle” and if it does well that they will start
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13 archetypes decoding challenge begins Ingress News

13 Archetypes, 13 Weeks

Each week, Niantic Labs will be posting a new decoding challenge for agents to solve. This will last for 13 weeks. 1 for each Archetype.
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Official Ingress Merch - Store Update Ingress News

Ingress Store Updated with NEW Official Merch

Finally! Ingress swag and from my initial inspection, it looks like gear that Agents will be interested in. This is a great step for Niantic
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Resurgence - Ingress Year Seven Event Ingress News

Ingress Year Seven: Resurgence starts Friday (11/15/19)

NianticBrian posted on the Ingress community forums all the information for this year’s anniversary event. Here are the details: Starting on our anniversary date, the
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Ingress News

Field Test, over, how did it go?

My first Field Test event! Reminded me of why I do love Ingress. It’s the community. I almost sat this one out. With my busy
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Ingress Jumps the Shark Ingress News

Ingress Jumps the Shark

It’s been a weird year in Ingress and as we start to wind down the year in the later months all agents are waiting for
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