RedSoloCup’s League of Ingress Agents

The Global Community Manager for Niantic has created a Telegram channel for ingress agents, “RedSoloCup’s League of Ingress Agents” or RLIA. The description of the …

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Ingress Prime 2.18 to Bring Capsule Renaming, For Real!

Niantic announced in a new Ingress Prime Insights post that they have indeed figured out a way to add the capsule renaming feature before the …

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Global Challenge Update: ENL: 1.77M  RES: 1.89M

ENL: 1.77M  RES: 1.89M With the score update for total unique hacks, Niantic released the rewards for the winner. Agents, We are incredibly impressed by …

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Darsana Prime Unique Hack Global Challenge Update

Niantic has clarified the ruleset for the upcoming Darsana Prime Unique Hack Global Challenge. Agents, We know many of you have questions on the upcoming …

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Ingress Event Could Affect the Entirety of Darsana Prime

Announced on Niantic Labs’s, Ingress Instagram account this week: Are you prepared to go beyond the point of no return? Now is your chance to …

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National Park Foundation Patches Delivered

If you remember the 50th anniversary of River and Trails promotion by Niantic where you could post a virtual story or physical postcard to Niantic …

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