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It’s a day of Malorting and Blessing the rains. Have a Happy 1017pm DAY!


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  • TOS Update: https://www.nianticlabs.com/terms/en/ KRUG UPDATE: no update on whether this makes iitc now legal.
  • ANIME has started! (or has it)
  • Digital Readiness Bundles have been sent, check your email
  • GORUCK Operation: Clear Field event in Brno had to be canceled due to low participation.
  • PRIME Roadmap has been released
  • Global MU challenge as part of Recursion starting at 4:00UTC, a measurement will be taken.  At 23:02UTC, a 2nd measurement will be taken. The faction with the largest delta of MU will score 3 points for this anomaly series.
  • KRUG UPDATE: During the Global MU challenge, Agents will get 1.5x AP gain. Agents on site at the anomalies who are registered and checked in will get 2x AP bonus, which becomes 3x doubling the 1.5x AP bonus.
  • Anomaly event rules have been released. They are much different than in the past.
  • Dark XM Beacons have been published.
  • Google + being sunset. As previously talked about on the show, Ingress is looking for alternatives
  • Ingress Prime release being shifted to November.  Next beta invites will be released this month. KRUG UPDATE: No date set for this yet.
  • BlueThug, one of the Vanguards is asking for opinions on agent’s experience with the Alliance of Prime Vangaurds program. A link in show notes: (coming soon)
  • #ExploreWithNiantic – Send them a postcard or letter of your adventures and receive a postcard and special merit patch. KRUG UPDATE: These are PHYSICAL items that will be mailed to you!

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