Ingress Prime v. 2.15.1 Release Notes

Bug: Fixed an issue where AP was not being awarded during certain steps in Agent Primer Bug: Added support for the Android back button during parts of the Agent Primer. Bug: Fixed an issue where the countdown box covered the Glyph dots Bug: Fixed an issue that caused Resonator neutralizations to not play at the […]

Ingress Prime Update Incoming

Niantic announced an update to Ingress Prime which includes some interesting changes, as well as quite a few bug fixes.  Before you read the changes, remember that they are listening to feedback, so don’t just freak out.  Voice your concerns.  I’ll discuss on the next show why I think these are actually good changes.  Below […]

Ingress Update to Fix iOS 12 Issues

A new Ingress update is available for iOS users in the app store. Version 1.133.0 of Ingress fixes the issues that was plaguing iPhone users after iOS was updated to 12. There are some reports that the screen doesn’t fit correctly for iPhone X users and parts of the interface may be unreachable off the […]

OPR 1 Star Update

The OPR Has been updated. When you report a portal as a 1 star, you will be given options as to why you think it should be a 1 star. If there is no option, you should report as a 2 star, and possibly make a comment about what should be added to the 1 […]

ALERT: Reports of Ingress Not Working in Beta Version iOS 12

Some agents using the beta version of Apple’s iOS are reporting that Ingress no longer works. This is possibly attributed to the end of support for RoboVM the engine that the iOS version of Ingress is built off of and the major reason for the push to finally get Ingress Prime released. This is not the […]

Ingress Update 1.131.2 for Android

Niantic has released a new update for Ingress on the Android platform.  Version 1.131.2 is supposed to have a bugfix for login issues.  On a personal note, I was experiencing the bug on my way home from a farm tonight and installed the update.  I still have the same login issues.  To fix it, go […]