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NL-1331e Swag Pack & Addons

I love this crap. Biocards, pins, stickers. I think it’s the marketer in me, or maybe just the hoarder. I can’t wait for NL-1331 to start making it&...Read More

Niantic wants to know what agents think about Ingress

Recently Niantic sent out a survey to some agents with 12 or so pages of questions.  From various topics of what you want to see in Prime.  What is important to...Read More

Ingress Hotels, Official Site

Need a hotel for an anomaly?  Want the cheapest price?  Want to be in the same hotel with ENL, RES, XFAC?!  Well, Niantic has you covered with this new website....Read More

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and more at Magnus, Epiphany night

Agents are reporting that Niantic has released information on who we can expect to attend the Magnus events at Camp Navarro and Schloss Kaltenberg.  It appears ...Read More

Alert: Chicago Anomaly Date has changed! Plan Accordingly.

Niantic has announced that the Chicago anomaly set in May of 2019 has had its date changed.  The new date will be May 25th, 2019.    Though the reasoning was le...Read More

Osiris Sequence Posted, Bucharest NOT cut from lineup!

Niantic released the list of which anomalies are going to be grouped together in an easy to digest chart.  They did forget to put Bucharest on it, but edited th...Read More

Faction Hotels Announced for Linz, Austria – FREE BUFFET!

Faction Hotels have been announced for Linz, Austria and if the word on the street is correct, it appears that they are getting some decent deals from these hot...Read More

Ingress Mission Days going low tech

Niantic posted on their facebook page about the upcoming Mission Days starting on May 26th.  Announced was a new format that won’t be using the scanner.  ...Read More

Is the Circle K Boycott Over?

I ran by Circle K yesterday and discovered this new coupon that you can get from hacking the portal.  On select days, you get various things.  Wed, $2 K cash, T...Read More

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