Ingress News

Agent Academy Updates!

We are in the process of upgrading the website. If you notice anything odd, such as links not working or out of place images, please let us know! Thanks! Agent ...Read More

Fill up the Cup!

First Monday in June, and Andrew Krug is at his desk! The Global Community Manager for Niantic is bracing himself for your questions. So make them good ones! Re...Read More

Circle K Promotion, Out of Gas

Check your local Circle K and see if the portal is still there.  Chances are, it’s not.  If you have a key to one of these portals, you can check by click...Read More

Operation Ko Lan

Announced during the closing of Navarro this year, an announcement was made about a new event.  In April 2019, 6 Agents from each faction will be sent on an epi...Read More


Have you ever wanted to scream at us through your speakers and let us know about a great idea you had for Ingress?  Something you just can’t live without ...Read More

Prime Scanner Images

Agent Chiplander, the Swag Sherpa, posted an image on his G+ page with a screencap of the Prime Scanner. We expect there to be a lot of these images and videos ...Read More

Ingression Heading to Camp Navarro

IndcredibIeHuIk a.k.a. Collin Williams has announced on his channel that he will be at Camp Navarro once again, and possibly live streaming if connection allows...Read More

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