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Mission Days Update – Niantic Has Listened to Agents

We heard a lot of discussion about the change in Mission Days in a previous post, where Niantic announced they were going to lose the scanner for the events in ...Read More

How to NOT Get Banned

Niantic released a statement today reminding Agents that buying in-game items is a big NO NO.  Matter of fact, it can get you banned. For – eveeer.  So do...Read More

Prime Scanner at Epiphany Night

Some agents are getting notifications about the Ingress Prime Scanner possibly making an appearance at Epiphany Night.  How the notification is worded, “U...Read More

OPR Fights back!

Just saw an email that is being passed around.  Thanks to Agent @gnaggi who submitted this in our Telegram channel today.   But it appears that bad submissions ...Read More


Do you know what it is? I thought it was a player made thing with how it was being portrayed around the net.  UNTIL, at the Kagoshima, Japan Mission day, Morphe...Read More

Ingress, Building AR Maps for Niantic

A slew of articles came out this week after Reuters interviewed John Hanke where he discusses Niantic’s use of their games to start mapping spaces for the...Read More

2018 Agent Olympiad Update

Agents have been chosen for the 2018 Olympiad!  It will be held on June 23rd, 2018 and will be live streamed on NicoNicoLive, where you must have a login to wat...Read More

NL-1331e Swag Pack & Addons

I love this crap. Biocards, pins, stickers. I think it’s the marketer in me, or maybe just the hoarder. I can’t wait for NL-1331 to start making it&...Read More

Niantic wants to know what agents think about Ingress

Recently Niantic sent out a survey to some agents with 12 or so pages of questions.  From various topics of what you want to see in Prime.  What is important to...Read More

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